Creeksea Place
Country Manor House Wedding Venue in Creeksea, Essex

Welcome to Creeksea Place

The inherent beauty of this exquisite Elizabethan Manor House, with its vibrant history, wondrous tranquillity and meticulously kept gardens; provide each guest with a unique and magical escape.

Dating back to 1569, the house has seen many a custodian, and since the 1940’s, has been in the hands of the Bertorelli family. It was Christina Bertorelli whom first opened up the house to the general public in 2004, connecting its guests with hundreds of years of history, in a homestead where Queen Elizabeth 1 once lay her head, and Anne Boleyn’s spirit is purported to still dwell.

The family, with great pride and gusto, continue the legacy to this day, hosting a vast array of diverse and exciting events throughout the year, enabling each individual guest to experience the house as a ‘home’; as it was first intended.

“It has often been said that of the English Country House that no-one actually owns them- One is merely their custodian for a while… I feel privileged to have been such a custodian in my time.”

Christina Bertorelli


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A unique and exquisite setting for your special day.

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The Cottage

Stay in the Eastern Wing of our breathtaking Elizabethan country estate.

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